NC State
Bekhta, P., Korkut, S., and Hiziroglu, S. (2013). "Effect of pretreatment of raw material on properties of particleboard panels made from wheat straw," BioRes. 8(3), 4766-4774.


The objective of this study was to evaluate properties of experimental particleboard panels manufactured from wheat straw that had been pretreated with acetic anhydride, soapy solution, hot water, or steam. Wheat straw particles were mixed with commercially manufactured wood particles at a ratio of 60%. Control straw particleboards with non-treated straw and wood particles were also produced. The results showed that the pretreatment of wheat straw significantly improved both the physical and mechanical properties of the straw particleboards. Panels made from wheat straw treated with a 9% solution of acetic anhydride or boiled in a soapy solution resulted in the highest mechanical properties, with an increase in bending strength values. Regarding internal bond strength, the samples made from wheat straw particles treated with acetic anhydride and a soapy solution had 2 and 3 times higher values, respectively, than those of non-treated samples. It seems that the pretreatment of wheat straw had a greater effect on the thickness swelling of the specimens than on their water absorption.
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