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Shulga, G., Betkers, T., Shakels, V., Neiberte, B., Verovkins, A., Brovkina, J., Belous, O., Ambrazaintene, D., and Žukauskaite, A. (2007). "Effect of the modification of lignocellulosic materials with a lignin-polymer complex on their mulching properties," BioRes. 2(4), 572-582.


The lignosulphonate/polymer complex, in which the macromolecules of both components are linked together by physico-chemical bonds, has been applied as a new effective lignin-based soil conditioner (LSC). lt has an adhesive affinity both for mineral soil particles and the organic surface of lignocellulosic mulch. The modification of the mulch particles with aqueous solutions of the developed conditioner by means of impreg-nation makes it possible not only to anchor mulch to sandy soil and, thereby, to diminish significantly the evaporation from the soil surface, but also, due to mulch biodegradation, to enrich soil with the main nutrient elements and to create favourable conditions for plant growth. The effect of the mulch modification is determined by the complex composition and depends on its content in the aqueous solution and the application rate.
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