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Lei, X., Lin, L., and Li, K. (2008). "Effect of xylanase pretreatment of wood chips on fiber separation in the CTMP refining process," BioRes. 3(3), 801-815.


The effect of xylanase treatment of eucalyptus wood chips on chip refining and fiber properties was investigated. The fiber separation region and fiber surface structure were observed with SEM, TEM, and AFM. The fiber length and fines were analyzed with a Bauer-McNett classifier and optical image analysis of flowing suspensions (FQA). The results showed that xylanase degraded and hydrolyzed some xylan in the fiber wall, thus loosening the fiber wall structure. Therefore, in the subsequent refining process, fiber separation occurred in the secondary wall. This resulted in fibers with less lignin and extractives on the surface, which will benefit the interfiber bonding.
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