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Gurleyen, L. (2021). "Effects of artificial weathering on the color, gloss, adhesion, and pendulum hardness of UV system parquet varnish applied to doussie (Afzelia africana) wood," BioResources 16(1), 1616-1627.


An important wood species in the furniture and parquet industry today is “doussie” wood. In this study, the effects of artificial weathering on ultraviolet-cured varnish (3 coats and 5 coats) applied to doussie (Afzelia africana) wood were investigated. The samples of the UV system cured varnishes were exposed to aging effects for 252 h and 504 h via an UV-A 340 nm lamp. The coated specimens were exposed to UV-A 340 nm fluorescent lamp in a QUV accelerated weathering tester for 252 h and 504 h. The surface adhesion strength, color (L*, a*, b*, ∆E*, ∆L*, ∆a*, and ∆b*) parameters, pendulum hardness, and glossiness (parallel (//) and perpendicular (⊥) at 20°, 60°, and 85°) of UV varnishes coated samples were quantified before and after weathering. According to the results, while the a* value increased, the adhesion, L*, b*, and glossiness values decreased with aging. As a result, it was concluded that doussie wood can be used in the production of flooring with UV-cured varnish.

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