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Zhao, Q., Sun, D., Wang, Z., Pu, J., Jin, X., and Xing, M. (2012). "Effects of different activation processes on H2O2/TAED bleaching of Populus nigra chemi-thermo mechanical pulp," BioRes. 7(4), 4889-4901.


Tetra acetyl ethylene diamine (TAED) was used as an activator in H2O2 bleaching to improve bleaching efficiency. The present work was aimed at confirming different activations for various H2O2/TAED bleaching processes, including the addition of acetic anhydride and the step-addition of sodium hydroxide. The results showed that an acetic anhydride dosage of 1%, an acetic anhydride treatment time of 10 min, and an addition time of 45 min were the optimal treatment conditions. The optimum processes of NaOH step-addition treatment in H2O2 bleaching and in H2O2/TAED bleaching also were confirmed, respectively. The o-quinone contents of H2O2 bleached lignin and H2O2/TAED bleached lignin were determined. The results indicated that H2O2/TAED bleached lignin has a lower o-quinone content than H2O2 bleached lignin, which is one of the reasons for the H2O2/TAED bleaching process having better bleaching efficiency than H2O2 bleaching.
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