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Yang, G., Lucia, L. A., Chen, J., Cao, X., and Liu, Y. (2011). "Effects of enzyme pretreatment on the beatability of fast-growing poplar APMP pulp," BioRes. 6(3), 2568-2580.


Effects of enzyme pretreatment on the properties of fast-growing poplar APMP pulp were evaluated. Compared with the unpretreated pulp, the beatabilities of the pulp that had been pretreated by enzymes were improved significantly, such as a decrease of Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) in the range of 25 mL to 55 mL, a decrease of PFI mill revolutions from 1000r to 5500r, and a decrease of beating energy consumption from 12.5% to 22.0%. The values of brightness, breaking length, tearing index, bursting index, and folding number of the pulp pretreated by cellulase were improved by 1.2%ISO, 23.7%, 14.8%, 14.6%, and 50% respectively, while that of the pulp pretreated by xylanase were respectively improved by 2.1%ISO, 16.8%, 8.8%, 8.9%, and 25%. The optimal enzyme dosages were 25 IU•g-1 and 25IU•g-1 for cellulase and xylanase, respectively. Fibre quality analysis results showed that the fibre length of pretreated pulp increased partly, fibre width and fines content decreased, fibres torsion increased, and fibre bonding got stronger. X-ray diffractometer analysis indicated that the degree of crystallinity of fibres increased after the enzyme pretreatment.
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