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Tu, D., Liao, L., Yun, H., Zhou, Q., Cao, X., and Huang, J. (2014). "Effects of heat treatment on the machining properties of Eucalyptus urophylla x E. camaldulensis," BioRes. 9(2), 2847-2855.


The lumber ofEucalyptusurophylla×E. camaldulensis was heat-treated at either 180, 190, 200, or 210 ºC for 3 h. According to the national forestry standard methods for evaluating the machining properties of lumber, the machining properties (including planing, sanding, boring, mortising, shaping, and turning) of heat-treated and untreated control samples were investigated. The results indicated that the machining properties of the lumbers were improved after heat treatment. In the machining comprehensive evaluation system (top score is 10 points), the scores of the control and heat-treated samples at 180, 190, 200, and 210 ºC were 4.74, 7.76, 8.08, 7.46, and 6.96 points, respectively. A temperature of 190 ºC was thus optimal for the comprehensive machining properties when heat-treatment was used to modify the machinability of E.urophylla×E.camaldulensis wood.
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