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Liang, L., Li, J., Zeng, J., Ma, N., An, Y., Ju, R., and Wang, Q. (2016). "Effects of steam explosion on bagasse specific surface area and grafting degree of acrylamide-grafted bagasse," BioRes. 11(3), 6185-6192.


The effect of steam explosion pretreatment conditions, such as steam explosion pressure, maintained pressure time, and bagasse water content, on bagasse specific surface area were investigated through single-factor experiments. After determining the optimal pretreatment conditions, bagasse graft acrylamide was prepared by grafting polymerization reaction of the acrylamide monomer onto the pretreated bagasse. The effects of surface area on the grafting degree were analyzed. Results showed that the grafting degree increased with increasing specific surface area. The optimized steam explosion pretreatment conditions were as follows: steam explosion pressure, 2.0 MPa; pressure maintaining time, 60 s; and bagasse water content, 25%.

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