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Ferraz, J. M., Del Menezzi, C. H. S., Teixeira, D. E., and Martins, S. A. (2011). "Effects of treatment of coir fiber and cement/fiber ratio on properties of cement-bonded composites," BioRes. 6(3), 3481-3492.


This study investigated the effects of different treatments of coir fibers (Cocos nucifera L.), and cement:coir ratio on physical and mechanical properties of cement-bonded composites. Three treatments: adding 4% of CaCl2, immersion in hot water at 80°C for 90 minutes, and immersion in NaOH aqueous solution at 5% for 72 hours and two cement:fiber ratios (3:1 and 4:1) were chosen for manufacturing 24 panels. After 28 days of setting, characterization was made through static bending (MOE, MOR), parallel compression (COMP), internal bonding (IB), thickness swelling (TS), and water absorption (WA) (2 and 24 hours of water immersion) tests. Treating coir fibers with hot water provided an improvement in the panel’s properties. This treatment had better results in MOE and COMP. Panels produced with CaCl2 addition were resistant as well; however coir fibers treated with NaOH produced cement/coir composites with unsatisfactory physical and mechanical properties.
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