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Espinoza, O., Buehlmann, U., and Bond, B. H. (2011). "Energy and the US hardwood industry - Part II: Responses to increasing prices," BioRes. 6(4), 3899-3914.


This second manuscript in the series about energy and the US hardwood industry reports results from research investigating the impact of energy prices on the US hardwood industry. The manuscript focuses on actions by the industry to improve energy performance. Most companies (63 percent) indicated that they are focusing on improving energy efficiency and/or improving productivity (41.3 and 41.9%, respectively) to cope with rising energy prices; however, only 8.6% of the survey respondents indicated that they have established energy usage baselines and energy performance indicators. Sixty-seven percent of companies indicated that they are training employees on energy saving issues. Other common initiatives for energy costs reductions were installing more efficient lighting, acquiring new high energy-efficient equipment, and measures to reduce the wastage of energy, like switching off high energy consuming equipment or close off or lit off sections with no traffic.
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