NC State
Chen, Y.-L., Lin, C.-Y., Wu, T.-L., Chung, M.-J., Chen, T.-Y., Yang, T.-H., Chen, H.-C., and Wu, J.-H. (2012). "Evaluation and application of the invasive weed Mikania micrantha as an alternative reinforcement in recycled high density polyethylene," BioRes. 7(2), 2403-2417.


In this study Mikania micrantha particle (MP) and fiber (MF) were added to recycled high density polyethylene (rHDPE) for producing natural fiber (or particle) reinforced plastic composites (NFRPC) by the flat-platen pressing process. The results showed that the flexural strength and stiffness of NFRPC were significantly improved through incorporating M. micrantha particle and fiber. Higher aspect ratio of reinforcement displayed stronger mechanical properties. The vertical density profile in composites significantly influenced the mechanical properties of NFRPC. A conventional V-shaped profile and a uniform vertical density profile (homo-profile) were observed in MP and MF based NFRPC, respectively. Additionally, with increasing lignocellulose content, a more uniform vertical density profile and higher wood screw holding strength were observed. These results indicate M. micrantha particle and fiber are excellent reinforcements for NFRPC applications.
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