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Shakhes, J., Dehghani-Firouzabadi, M. R., Rezayati-Charani, P., and Zeinaly, F. (2010). "Evaluation of harvesting time effects and cultivars of kenaf on papermaking," BioRes. 5(2), 1268-1280.


This study investigates effects of six kenaf cultivars named Cubano, Niger, Cubano 2032, 9277, 7551, and 7566 and three harvesting time stages on the properties of pulp and handsheet paper made from kenaf. Six cultivars of an Iranian kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.), were planted on 19 May 2007, and harvested after 85, 105, and 135 days. It was understood that with the increase of plant age, fiber yield increased. Maximum yield at each of three harvesting time stages was related to Niger. Consequently, if a high fiber yield is sought, Niger can be recommended, but for a paper with high strength properties, Cubano 2032 is strongly suggested. This cultivar produces a paper with significant burst, tear, breaking length and fold endurance even though its yield was somewhat lower than that of Niger at short harvesting times. Moreover, at second harvesting time stage, maximum strength properties of handsheets such as burst, tear, and breaking length, were seen in Cubano, though the fiber yield of this cultivar was a bit lower than Niger, but still more than Cubano 2032. We showed that a minor positive change in the handsheet properties could be achieved through harvesting kenaf at the third stage as compared to the first and second stages.
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