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Abdolzadeh, H., and Doosthoseini, K. (2009). "Evaluation of old corrugated container and wood fiber application on surface roughness of three-layer particleboard," BioRes. 4(3), 970-978.


This paper presents the results of a study to use virgin wood and OCC fiber for particleboard production. Three-layer boards, with wood and OCC fiber on the surface, were fabricated. The type of applied furnishes at surface layers, moisture, and adhesive content were considered as variables, and their effects on roughness of manufactured particleboards were examined. The panels were produced with 10% and 12% urea formaldehyde (UF) adhesive at 10% and 14% moisture content. The surface characteristics were investigated. The results indicated that wood and OCC fiber utilization on the surface layer gave smoother surfaces than a control board with fine wood particles on its surface. The surface roughness decreased as adhesive and moisture content increased.
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