NC State
Yu, N., Wang, J., Hong, L., Tao, B., and Zhang, C. (2021). "Evaluation of the color aesthetics of fine wood based on perceptual cognition," BioResources 16(2), 4126-4148.


In order to study the aesthetic preferences of individuals in terms of wood color, the authors explored the preference for red sandalwood and wenge wood of different hues and lightness values through a combination of an eye movement technique and subjective evaluation. The experimental results showed that: (1) sex factors had a significant effect on the eye movement indexes in a modern aesthetic preference experiment; (2) the preferences of the subjects varied slightly with different wood types but in a lower range; and (3) the effective eye movement indexes in this study were fixation duration, number of fixations, and number of last-sampling positions; in addition, there were differences in the effective eye movement indicators in different experiments. The subjects preferred a low lightness value or color of the chair.

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