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Dobele, G., Urbanovich, I., Volpert, A., Kampars, V. and Samulis, E. (2007). "Fast pyrolysis - Effect of wood drying on the yield and properties of bio-oil," BioRes. 2(4), 699-706.


The composition and properties of the products of fast pyrolysis of hardwood, obtained in a two-chamber (drying and pyrolytic) ablation type reactor in the temperature range 450-600ºС, were investigated. It has been found that, upon the additional drying of wood at 200ºС and subsequent pyrolysis, the quality of bio-oil is improved owing to the decrease in the amount of water and acids. It has been shown that the increase of the drying temperature to 240ºС decreases the yield of the main product. Optimum parameters of the drying conditions and the temperature of the pyrolysis of wood, at which the bio-oil yield exceeds 60% and its calorific value makes up 17-20 МJ/kg, have been determined.
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