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Chikkol Venkateshappa, S., Bennehalli, B., Kenchappa, M. G., and Ranganagowda, R. P. G. (2010). "Flexural behaviour of areca fibers composites," BioRes. 5(3), 1846-1858.


A study has been carried out to evaluate physical and flexural properties of composites made by areca fibers with a randomly distributed orientation of fibers. The extracted areca fibers from the areca husk were alkali treated with potassium hydroxide (KOH) to get better interfacial bonding between fiber and matrix. Then composites were developed by means of a compression molding technique with varying process parameters, such as fiber condition (untreated and alkali treated), and fiber loading percentages (50% and 60% by weight). The developed areca fiber reinforced composites were then characterized by physical and flexural tests. The results show that flexural strength increases with increase in the fiber loading percentage. Compared to untreated fiber, significant change in flexural strength has been observed for treated areca fiber reinforcement.
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