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Krzosek, S., Burawska-Kupniewska, I., and Mańkowski, P. (2021). "Geographical origin and log quality influence on the mechanical properties of Scots pine sawnwood," BioResources 16(1), 669-683.


This paper presents research conducted on pine timber sawn from logs obtained from three different forestry regions in western Poland. Forestry regions were characterized in terms of i.e. annual mean temperature and rainfall distribution, soil, growing stock, and technical quality and type of forest. The timber logs were classified in three different quality classes, A, B, and C as per PN-D 95017 (1992). The coefficients of correlation were calculated for pairs of the studied properties (density, modulus of elasticity (MOE), and static bending strength (MOR)) considering the forestry region of origin of the different quality logs. The statistical analysis revealed that there is a strict correlation between quality class of logs, geographical origin in terms of technical quality of forest, and physical and mechanical parameters of sawn timber.

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