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Ruelle, J., Yamamoto, H., and Thibaut, B. (2007). "Growth stresses and cellulose structural parameters in tension and normal wood from three tropical rainforest angiosperm species," BioRes. 2(2), 235-251.


Few studies have been conducted about relation between cellulose para-meters and biomechanical properties of wood in tropical angiosperms species. For this purpose, on 13 trees from 3 species of French Guyana tropical rainforest in a clear active process of restoring verticality, i) growth strains were measured in situ in order to determine the occurrence of tension wood within samples and ii) cellulose structural parameters were estimated on all the samples using X-ray diffraction method. Crystallite size was estimated from the full-width at half-maximum of the Miller index (002) arc diffraction and angle T was measured following Cave’s method. Relationships between these parameters and growth stresses were good and the variations between normal and tension wood were significant, i.e. a lower angle T and a larger crystallite size in tension wood. In order to have a good estimation of the microfibril angle in the main layer of the secondary wall for each species, an experimental calibration was done between angle T and microfibril angle observed with scanning electron microscopy.
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