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Montoneri, E., Boffa, V., Quagliotto, P., Mendichi, R., Chierotti, M. R., Gobetto, R., and Medana, C. (2008). "Humic acid-like matter isolated from green urban wastes. Part 1. Structure and surfactant properties," BioRes. 3(1), 123-141.


A humic acid-like substance (cHAL2) isolated from urban green wastes before composting was compared to a humic acid-like substance (cHAL) isolated from a mix of urban organic humid waste fraction and green residues composted for 15 days. cHAL2 was found to contain more aliphatic and O-alkyl C atoms relative to aromatic, phenol, and carboxyl C atoms, and to yield higher critical micellar concentration (cmc = 0.97 g L-1) and surface tension at the cmc (gcmc = 37.8 mN/m) in water than cHAL (cmc = 0.40 g L-1; gcmc = 36.1 mN/m). The results point out that biomass wastes may be an interesting source of biosurfactants with diversified properties that depend on the nature of waste and on its process of treatment.
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