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Hosseinpour, R., Jahan Latibari, A., and Fatehi, P. (2014). "Hydrogen peroxide bleaching of canola straw chemimechanical pulp," BioRes. 9(1), 1201-1211.


Canola straw can be used as a raw material for the production of chemimechanical pulp (CMP). In this work, chemimechanical pulp was first produced from canola straw, and then the bleaching performance of the produced chemimechanical pulp was investigated under different conditions (dosages of NaOH and Na2SO3, time, and temperature). The results showed that the yield of chemical pretreatment in the CMP process varied between 57.6% and 64.9%, while the total yield of the process was between 54.1% and 61.9%. Subsequently, the CMP pulp produced via applying 4% NaOH and 8% Na2SO3 at 145 °C for 15 min was bleached with H2O2. The results showed that pulps bleached via applying one stage of 3% H2O2, 3% NaOH, 6% sodium silicate, 0.5% MgSO4, and 0.3% DTPA for 150 min possessed the highest brightness of 60.8% ISO, which is suitable for container board production.
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