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Hromádková, Z., Malovíková, A., Mozeš, Š., Sroková, I., and Ebringerová, A. (2008). "Hydrophobically modified pectates as novel functional polymers in food and non-food applications," BioRes. 3(1), 71-78.


Butyl and hexyl amides of pectate with various amidation degrees were prepared from citrus pectin by means of alkylamidation of methyl-esterified pectins, followed by the total alkaline pectin methyl esters hydrolysis. These water soluble derivatives were characterized chem-ically as well as by elementary analysis and FT-IR spectroscopy. All prepared pectate amides exhibited the excellent emulsifying efficiency, and pectate hexyl amide also the ability to form stable foam. As the results of the study on the effect of pectin with DE 66% on the function of small intestine in pectin fed rats, the increase of specific activity of alkaline phosphatase, maltase, and aminopeptidase and the decrease of food utilization was demonstrated. The pectin derivatives might serve as emulsifiers and foaming additives in food production and other areas as well as nutraceuticals for obesity treatment.
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