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Kean, C. W., Sahu, J. N., and Wan Daud, W. M. A. (2013). "Hydrothermal gasification of palm shell biomass for synthesis of hydrogen fuel," BioRes. 8(2), 1831-1840.


Production of hydrogen has been widely practiced to produce a CO2-neutral green fuel that can substitute for fossil fuel. One of the alternative ways in producing such fuel is to utilize biomass by the hydrolysis process. In this study the effects of reaction times (10 to 70 min), reaction temperatures (180 to 260 °C ), and biomass to water mass ratio (1:1 to 1:9) were evaluated relative to the hydrolysis of palm shell particles in a low temperature (below 300 °C) hydrolysis process. Palm shell biomass was hydrolyzed in distilled water, and the gaseous products (bio-syn gas) generated were comprised of H2 and CO2, with small amounts of carbon monoxide and methane.
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