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Sun, Y., Lanouette, R., Cloutier, J.-N., Pelletier, É., and Épiney, M. (2014). "Impact of selective refining combined with inter-stage ozone treatment on thermomechanical pulp," BioRes. 9(1), 1225-1235.


The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of selective refining combined with ozone inter-stage treatment in a TMP process. A fractionation process was carried out to separate the primary pulp into two fractions, a long-fibre fraction and a short-fibre fraction. Different charges of ozone, namely 1%, 1.5%, and 2%, were used to treat the long-fibre fraction, and only the treated pulp went to the second refining stage. Finally, the secondary pulp was recombined with the primary short-fibre fraction to be compared to a control TMP trial. Results showed that 21% of the total refining energy can be saved when 1.5% ozone inter-stage treatment is applied before selective refining compared with whole pulp refining, when the pulp freeness is 100 mL. At this level of ozone charge, a slight increase in tensile strength is observed with no significant variation in tear index.
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