NC State
Chen, J., Zhang, M., Yuan, Z., and Wang, J. (2013). "Improved high-yield pulp network and paper sheet properties by the addition of fines," BioRes. 8(4), 6309-6322.


High-yield pulps (HYP, including BCTMP and APMP) have been increasingly used in various paper grades due to their unique properties. However, higher bulk at a fixed tensile strength is desirable for most HYP applications. This study explored the possibility of changing the bulk-tensile relationship of an aspen PRC-APMP pulp by adding fines from a well-refined HYP into a high freeness HYP (backbone pulp). The effect of backbone pulp freeness on the property-freeness relationship of the fines-reinforced pulps was also examined. The results indicate that to reach a target freeness, adding fines from a well-refined pulp (refined by a PFI mill at 20,000 revolutions) to a high-freeness pulp can help achieve a higher bulk and light scattering while maintaining a similar tensile strength, which is desirable in most of the HYP applications. To reach the same tensile index at a range of 20 to 24 Nm/g, the bulk of APMP550-fines (produced by fines and a pulp at 550 mL freeness) was 12 to 17% higher than that of the control pulp. The higher the freeness of the backbone pulp, the higher was the bulk and light scattering coefficient of fines-reinforced pulp when the fines-reinforced pulps were compared at the same freeness.
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