NC State
Pan, G. X. (2011). "Improving hydrogen peroxide bleaching of aspen CTMP by using aqueous alcohol media," BioRes. 6(4), 4005-4011.


Preliminary tests of a new hydrogen peroxide bleaching procedure for mechanical pulps were performed in a bleaching medium comprised of water and an alcohol, which is characterized by good miscibility with water, poor solvency for hemicelluloses, and good solvency for lignin. As compared with a conventional bleaching method, this modified process is aimed at reducing the removal of hemicelluloses while moderately increasing the dissolution of lignin. Results showed that an aspen CTMP pulp can be bleached to a target brightness with less bleaching chemicals and/or with a higher pulp yield. The laboratory studies demonstrate that this new bleaching process offers substantially enhanced efficiency and selectivity over the conventional peroxide bleaching. Overall, the brightness increased by about 5 ISO units for a given peroxide consumption and the yield increased by 2 to 3 percent at the same target brightness.
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