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Yang, H., Li, Q., Niu, L., and Zhang, Y. (2012). "Improving the bleachability of whole cotton stalk chemimechanical pulp with depectinization agents," BioRes. 7(3), 4171-4178.


The effects of pretreatment agents on pectin removal and chemical compositions in cotton stalk bark were studied. The results showed that the reaction rates of the depectinization agents reacting with calcium pectinate were VNa2C2O4 > VNa5P3O10 > VNaOH . The ratio of pectin removal reached 53.73% after pretreatment with 3% sodium oxalate. When the parameters of precondition were 3% sodium oxalate, 90 °C, and bleaching with 6.5% NaOH and 11% H2O2, the brightness of chemimechanical pulp from whole cotton stalk reached 76.18% ISO.
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