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U. Hirn, J. Kritzinger, M. Donoser and W. Bauer. Introducing a concept to link 3D paper structure to 2D paper properties. In Advances in Pulp and Paper Research, Oxford 2009, Trans. of the XIVth Fund. Res. Symp. Oxford, 2009, (S.J. I’Anson, ed.), pp 721–747, FRC, Manchester, 2018.


This paper introduces a concept that spatially links local paper properties from a 3D paper dataset to a 2D paper property map of the same sample. The concept exploits the fact that paper is a planar structure. This permits successive conversion of 3D paper datasets first to a 3D surface (the paper center surface) and further to a plane. The flattened 3D paper data can then be linked to the 2D paper property map. Laser micro holes applied to the paper are employed as marks for alignment of the 2D maps. The key step of the procedure is flattening the paper data from a warped 3D surface to a 2D plane.

Some exemplary applications for the introduced method are given. The effect of local coating layer thickness on local bright- ness and local print density is examined for wood free coated paper. Furthermore, the concept can be applied for quantitative comparison of data from different 3D-imaging techniques. We measured local coating layer thickness on the same paper specimen applying first fan-beam X-ray microtomography and then microtome serial sectioning. The results are compared using point-wise correlation.

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