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Radeva, G., Valchev, I., Petrin, S., Valcheva, E., and Tsekova, P. (2012). "Kinetic study of the enzyme conversion of steam exploded Paulownia Tomentosa to glucose," BioRes. 7(1), 412-421.


Paulownia Tomentosa was pretreated by steam explosion. The cellulase complex NS 50013 and the β-glucosidase NS 50010 of Novozymes AS were used for the enzymatic conversion of cellulose to glucose. The kinetics of enzyme conversion was studied using the exponential kinetic equation valid for processes taking place at uniformly inhomogeneous surfaces. The kinetic coefficient of inhomogeneity accounts for the energy and entropy inhomogeneity of the system and depends on the temperature. It was established that both the activation energy and the pre-exponential factor increase simultaneously with increasing of conversion degree. A compensation effect between pre-exponential factor and activation energy was observed. The energetic hindrances established cannot be completely compensated by the positive effect of the pre-exponential factor increase. Hence, the activation energy has a determining influence on how quickly the rate of hydrolysis decreases.
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