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Nie, S., Yao, S., Qin, C., Li, K., Liu, X., Wang, L., Song, X., and Wang, S. (2014). "Kinetics of AOX formation in chlorine dioxide bleaching of bagasse pulp," BioRes. 9(3), 5604-5614.


In this paper, a kinetic model of the first chlorine dioxide bleaching stage (D0) in an elemental chlorine-free (ECF) bleaching sequence is presented for bagasse pulps. The model is based on the rate of adsorbable organic halogen (AOX) formation. The effects of the chlorine dioxide dosage, the sulfuric acid dosage, and the reaction temperature on the AOX content of wastewater are examined. The reaction of AOX formation could be divided into two periods. A large amount of AOX was formed rapidly within the first 10 min. Ten minutes later, the AOX formation rate significantly decreased. The kinetics could be expressed as: , where W is the AOX content, t is the bleaching time (min), T is the temperature (K), is the dosage of chlorine dioxide (kg/odt), and is the dosage of sulfuric acid (kg/odt). The fit of the experiment results obtained for different temperatures, initial chlorine dioxide dosages, initial sulfuric acid dosages, and AOX content were very good, revealing the ability of the model to predict typical mill operating conditions.
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