NC State
Guo, Y., Zhang, Y., Liu, M., Chen, X., and Tian, X. (2022). "Kinetics of delignification and carbohydrate degradation during the ozone bleaching of low-consistency hardwood pulps," BioResources 17(1), 429-444.


With rising concern for environmental protection, the use of ozone has been increasingly studied in the pulp and paper industry. Feasible models for efficient quality prediction and process control are in high industrial demand. In this study, the reaction kinetics of delignification and viscosity during the ozone bleaching process (OBP) of low-consistency hardwood pulp (LCHP) are explored using exponential and zero-order response models, respectively. The effects of ozone dose, reaction temperature, reaction time, and pH on the changes in residual lignin content and pulp viscosity were analyzed. The corresponding kinetic parameters, such as the reaction order, rate constant (k), and activation energy (E), were also obtained. The models suggest that temperature should be one of the most significant factors affecting the effectiveness of the OBP system. The strategy to improve the OBP selectivity is based on reducing the reaction temperature while increasing the ozone concentration and pH in the reaction system.

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