NC State
Li, X., Zhang, J., Liao, C., Chen, H., Luo, Y., and Li, X. (2015). "Mathematical simulation and design of a rectangular cavity of microwave pretreatment equipment used for wood modification," BioRes. 10(1), 527-537.


Wood pretreated by high-intensity microwaves was theoretically studied based on the Maxwell electromagnetic field equations and the heat and mass transfer mechanism of wood. The effects of feeding modes on the temperature field uniformity and energy efficiency were studied using the finite element method, and optimized parameters of the rectangular microwave resonant cavity were achieved. The results show that the feeding modes had a great effect on the temperature field uniformity of the wood and the energy efficiency. Compared to the side single-port, the upper single-port, and the upper-under port feeding modes, the two-side ports feeding mode was the best for temperature field uniformity and energy efficiency.
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