NC State
Yoshihara, H. (2011). "Measurement of the Young's modulus and shear modulus of in-plane quasi-isotropic medium-density fiberboard by flexural vibration," BioRes. 6(4), 4871-4885.


The Young’s modulus and the in-plane shear modulus of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) were obtained by conducting a flexural vibration test under the free-free condition based on Timoshenko’s vibration theory using specimens with various depth/length ratios and performing a subsequent numerical analysis. The results obtained by the experiment and numerical analysis revealed that the Young’s modulus was independent of the specimen configuration. In contrast, the in-plane shear modulus was significantly dependent on the specimen configuration and could not be measured properly based on Timoshenko’s theory when the specimen had a small depth/length ratio. The numerical analysis also revealed that the Poisson’s ratio has a significant influence on the measurement of shear modulus as well as the specimen configuration. A statistical analysis on the results experimentally obtained suggested that the length of the specimen must be less than 7.5 times the depth to measure the in-plane shear modulus appropriately.
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