NC State
Zhao, J., and Cai, Y. (2017). "Measuring moisture content of wood using a transient hot-wire technique," BioRes. 12(1), 748-759.


Wood easily acquires a large amount of moisture when it is exposed to high-humidity conditions. The high moisture content influences the service life of wood. Thus, there is a need for an accurate, rapid, nondestructive, and simple measurement technique for wood’s moisture content. This investigation proposes a method to measure the moisture content of wood by the wood volumetric heat capacity using a transient hot wire (THW) technique. The moisture content was inferred from the change of the volumetric heat capacity before and after the wood acquired moisture; the volumetric heat capacity is the ratio of the thermal conductivity to the thermal diffusivity. The results were validated by the gravimetric method, displaying good agreement, with discrepancies within 4%.

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