NC State
Liu, Y., Sun, B., Wang, Z., and Ni, Y. (2016). "Mechanical and water vapor barrier properties of bagasse hemicellulose-based films," BioRes. 11(2), 4226-4236.


The film-forming ability of bagasse hemicellulose and its potential for packaging were investigated in terms of its mechanical and water vapor barrier properties. The films were prepared under various hemicellulose concentrations, chitosan/glycerol amounts (based on the amount of hemicellulose), and temperatures. These were subsequently evaluated by measurement of their mechanical and water vapor barrier properties. Bagasse hemicellulose-based films with higher tensile strengths were obtained at higher hemicellulose concentrations. Scanning electron microscope images showed that the bagasse hemicellulose-based films did not have pores less than one micron in size, suggesting compatibility between the hemicelluloses and the other components present in the films. Moreover, the tensile strength, elongation, and water vapor barrier of the film increased by approximately 124%, 115%, and 48%, respectively, when the drying temperature increased from 25 to 55 °C. These results indicate that the bagasse hemicellulose can be used as part of the raw material for films with good barrier and mechanical properties.
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