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Chand, N., and Jhod, B. D. (2008). "Mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of maleic anhydride modified rice husk filled PVC composites," BioRes. 3(4), 1228-1243.


Unmodified and modified rice husk powder filled PVC composites were prepared having different amounts of rice husk powder. Mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of these composites were determined. The tensile strength of rice husk powder PVC composites having 0, 10, 20, 30, and 40 weight percent of rice husk powder was found to be 33.9, 19.4, 18.1, 14.6, and 9.5 MPa, respectively. Adding of maleic anhydride- modified rice husk powder improved the tensile strength of rice husk powder PVC composites. Flexural strength and flexural modulus of composites increased on treatment of rice husk powder due to the improved bonding between rice husk powder and PVC matrix. Arc-resistance of rice husk powder PVC composites was not affected on increasing loading of the powder. Volume resistivity and surface resistivity decreased with increasing loading due to the presence of impurities and water molecules. Vicat softening temperature increased with rice husk powder loading. Addition of rice husk increased the melting temperature of the composite matrix as compared to pure PVC.
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