NC State
Su, L., Xing, Z., Wang, D., Xu, G., Ren, S., and Fang, G. (2013). "Mechanical properties research and structural characterization of alkali lignin/poly(vinyl alcohol) reaction films," BioRes. 8(3), 3532-3543.


With alkali lignin and PVA as the primary materials, glutaraldehyde as the cross-linker, and glycerin as the plasticizer, alkali lignin/PVA cross-linking reaction film was prepared by casting. The process conditions were evaluated one at a time for different variables. Mechanical properties of the composite film were tested. The performance of the reaction film was analysed by XRD, TG, SEM, and FT-IR. The results showed that when the mass ratio of alkali lignin/PVA was 1/5, glutaraldehyde content 1.67%, and glycerol content 7.1% (w/w) of the dry matter, respectively, the reaction film had satisfactory mechanical properties. Under the best conditions, the mechanical properties of the reaction film were better than that of pure PVA film. The thermal stability of the reaction film was higher than the stability of PVA film. Compared with pure PVA film, the crystallinity of the reaction film decreased a little. SEM images indicated that compatibility of alkali lignin and PVA was good. The FT-IR analysis showed that a cross-linking reaction occurred between alkali lignin and PVA(1788). But the aldol reaction between the lignin and PVA(1788) was weak.
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