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Cheng, S., Zhang, Z., Zhang, D., and Deng, Y. (2013). "Microwave irradiation pyrolysis of rice straw in ionic liquid ([Emim]Br)," BioRes. 8(3), 3994-4003.


The pyrolysis reaction of rice straw under microwave irradiation in bromide 1-ethyl-3-methyl imidazole ([Emim]Br) ionic liquid (IL) was investigated in this work. The effects of reaction temperature, mass ratio of IL to straw, reaction time, and microwave irradiation power on the yield of bio-oil were considered. An orthogonal experimental method was adopted to obtain the optimal technological conditions for pyrolysis: a reaction temperature of 160 °C, a mass ratio of IL to straw of 2:1, a reaction time of 15 min, and a microwave irradiation power of 700 W. The yield of bio-oil reached 28.2% at optimum conditions. The percent recovery of IL ranged from 84% to 87%. The recycled IL could be reused as straw pyrolysis solvent and did not affect the bio-oil yield because its structure was not damaged after being used in pyrolysis as a solvent.
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