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Porankiewicz, B., Wieczorek, D., Djurkovic, M., Idzikowski, I., and Węgrzyne, Z. (2021). "Modelling cutting forces using the moduli of elasticity in oak peripheral milling," BioResources 16(1), 1424-1437.


This article presents an attempt to estimate the nonlinear, multivariable dependence between the main (tangential) cutting force (FC) and the processing parameters and moduli of elasticity of oak wood (Quercus robur) during peripheral milling with a straight edge. The analysis indicated that the tangential force (FC) was affected by cutting depth (cD), feed rate per tooth (fZ), rake angle (γF), elastic modulus by stretching along the grain (ESA), elastic modulus by stretching perpendicular to the grain (ESP), elastic modulus by compression along the grain (ECA), and the elastic modulus by compression perpendicular to the grain (ECP). It was found that the elastic moduli (ESA, ESP, ECA, ECP) very well described the mechanical properties of processed wood. Several interactions between the examined parameters (namely, ESA·γF, ESP·γF, ECP·γF, fZ·γF, and fZ·cD) were confirmed in the developed relationship FC = f(ESA, ESP, ECA, ECP, fZ, cD, γF).

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