NC State
Liang, F., Fang, G., Jiao, J., Deng, Y., Han, S., Li, H., Tian, Q., Pan, A., and Zhu, B. (2019). "Modified hydrogen peroxide bleaching of bamboo chemo-mechanical pulp using aqueous alcohol media," BioRes. 14(1), 870-881.


The brightness of bleached bamboo chemo-mechanical pulp (CMP) is often too low to be used as a furnish in value-added paper products. In this study, preliminary optimization of various parameters of a modified hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) bleaching procedure for bamboo CMP pulps was performed using the inclusion of ethanol in the bleaching medium (IEBM). Compared with a conventional bleaching method, this modified process is aimed at improving bleaching efficiency and brightness ceiling of bamboo CMP with the proper usage of chemicals. The CMP was bleached to a brightness of 74.2% ISO at the usage level of 12% H2O2, which shows it increased by 7.4% ISO compared with the conventional method. For a brightness target of 72.0% ISO, bleaching with the IEBM method reduced the H2O2 consumption by approximately 60%. In addition, a higher activation energy of H2O2 for the IEBM method was calculated to be 23.3 kJ/mol, which was increased by 3.3 kJ/mol compared with the conventional method.

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