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Huang, Y., Fei, B., Yu, Y., Wang, S., Shi, Z., and Zhao, R. (2012). "Modulus of elasticity and hardness of compression and opposite wood cell walls of Masson pine," BioRes. 7(3), 3028-3037.


Compression wood is commonly found in Masson pine. To evaluate the mechanical properties of the cell wall of Masson pine compression and opposite wood, nanoindentation was used. The results showed that the average values of hardness and cell wall modulus of elasticity of opposite wood were slightly higher than those of compression wood. With increasing age of the annual ring, the modulus of elasticity showed a negative correlation with microfibril angle, but a weak correlation was observed for hardness. In opposite and compression wood from the same annual ring, the differences in average values of modulus of elasticity and hardness were small. These slight differences were explained by the change of microfibril angle (MFA), the press-in mode of nanoindentation, and the special structure of compression wood. The mechanical properties were almost the same for early, transition, and late wood in a mature annual ring of opposite wood. It can therefore be inferred that the average modulus of elasticity (MOE) and hardness of the cell walls in a mature annual ring were not being affected by cell wall thickness.
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