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C.C. Jolliff. Multi-variable papermachine control. In Papermaking Systems and their Control, Trans. of the IVth Fund. Res. Symp. Oxford, 1969, (F. Bolam, ed.), pp 329–335, FRC, Manchester, 2018.


Supervisory control of average basis weight and moisture in the machine-direction must be achieved by different control procedures, depending upon the importance of other objectives such as production rate and dimensional stability . Maintenance of close control of refining must be modified, depending upon the number and arrangement of refiners. The control of basis weight, moisture and refining all interact with each other to increase the complexity of the control models required, since the adjustment of a single input variable may influence all three areas of control. Some of the experiences of International Paper’s Southern Kraft Division control group in working with these control areas are described.

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