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Zhu, X., and Sun, L. (2015). "Multiscale analysis on electrical properties of carbon fiber-reinforced wood composites," BioRes. 10(2), 2392-2405.


Carbon fiber was selected as a reinforcement for the manufacture of composite materials. Electrical properties of carbon fiber reinforced wood composites (CFRWCs) were studied by multiscale analysis, which is an all-rounded method to analyze CFRWCs from the macroscopic area to the microcosmic field. It was found that the insulated wood fiber materials could conduct electricity after adding a certain proportion of carbon fibers. The dielectric constants and the capacitances of CFRWCs increased gradually with increasing carbon fiber content in the composites from 55 wt.% to 75 wt.% when a certain condition prevails. However, the loss tangents and the surface resistivities of CFRWCs decreased as the carbon fiber content was increased continuously. The data of surface resistivity represented a negative growth situation with increasing temperature from 20 °C to 120 °C and exhibited a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) effect. The movement of electrons was also analyzed due to temperature rise.
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