NC State
Min, B.-G., Lee, J.-Y., Kim, C.-H., Park, S.-H., Lee, M.-S., Gu, H.-G., and Lee, C.-Y. (2020). "New technology for developing a lightweight refiner plate for hardwood kraft pulp fibers," BioRes. 15(4), 9128-9142.


Sand casting makes it difficult to manufacture a fine bar plate for low intensity refining. This study introduced a novel technology for manufacturing lightweight fine bar plates and compared the effects to traditional bar plates. The lightweight fine bar plate base was manufactured using a lightweight aluminum alloy and stainless-steel. Because the bars were inserted into the plate vertically without the draft angle, the stock throughput was improved by approximately 27% compared to the sand-casted bar plates. Additionally, the lightweight fine bar plate maximized internal and external fibrillation while minimizing fiber length loss. In conclusion, the lightweight fine bar plate was shown to be more effective in improving the strength properties of paper and reducing energy consumption.

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