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J. Grant. Non-wood pulping. In The role of fundamental research in paper-making, Trans. of the VIIth Fund. Res. Symp. Cambridge, 1981, (Fundamental Research Committee, ed.), pp 253–264, FRC, Manchester, 2018.


The theme of this paper is a comparison of the role, properties, and technology of fibrous paper-making raw materials other than wood, with those of wood. Aspects considered are the economic role in world pulp supplies, the nature and properties of the fibres, technological problems arising in pulping, the properties and economic status of the resulting pulps, and the present and likely future of fundamental research.

To the vast majority of those connected with paper manufacture “cellulose pulp” is instinctively synonymous with wood pulp, especially in North American and Scandinavia. The aim of this paper is to redress this tendency, in particular from the point of view of the title of this Symposium. This is attempted by a comparison from all relevant aspects of the role, properties and technology of fibrous cellulose paper-making raw materials other than wood with those of wood. Thus, non-cellulose fibres (as of asbestos or glass) and modified cellulose fibres (usually derived from wood) are excluded.

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