NC State
Hu, J., Lei, T., Shen, S., and Zhang, Q. (2012). "Optimal design and evaluation of a ring-die granulator for straws," BioRes. 7(1), 489-503.


This research provides an optimal design of structural parameters for ring-die granulators used in the cool briquetting process. Experimental research on the briquetting rate of pellets was carried out for three kinds of crop straws with different granularities, moisture ratios, and length-diameter ratios of the die hole. Results showed that: when the swoop angle β was 45o and the diameter ratio of roller to die was equal to 0.585, the equipment would have higher productivity and lower die-roller contact strength, yielding a good comprehensive briquetting effect; when the granularity was 4mm, the moisture ratio was 16% and the length-diameter ratio was 5.2, the equipment would ensure a higher briquetting rate of pellets and the lowest power consumption per ton of material, yielding the best briquetting effect. This provides references for structural design and process parameters selection of ring-die granulators.
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