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Bhoria, P., Singh, G., and Hoondal, G. S. (2009). "Optimization of mannanse production from Streptomyces sp. PG-08-03 in submerged fermentation," BioRes. 4(3), 1130-1138.


Streptomyces sp. PG-08-3 was isolated from the desert of Rajasthan (India). The organism produced mannanase (15 Umg-1 protein) in the presence of 0.5% guar gum as a sole carbon source in minimal media by submerged fermentation (SmF). Enzyme production was enhanced by 7.3-fold when 0.5% soyabean meal and 0.25% of leucine were added to the minimal media. Increasing the guar gum concentration in the media by 0.1-1.0% resulted in linearly enhanced the production of mannanase.
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