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Kadimaliev, D., Telyatnik, V., Revin, V., Parshin, A., Allahverdi, S., Gunduz, G., Kezina, E., and Asik, N. (2012). "Optimization of the conditions required for chemical and biological modification of the yeast waste from beer manufacturing to produce adhesive compositions," BioRes. 7(2), 1984-1993.


During the production of beer large amounts of yeast waste are generated. This paper considers the possible making of environmentally friendly adhesive compositions from such wastes. Chemical treatment of yeast wastes increases their adhesive characteristics. Chemical cross-linking with glutaric aldehyde and biological cross-linking by enzyme transglutaminase improves the moisture resistance of the adhesive compositions. In terms of their physical and mechanical parameters they are not inferior to glues of natural origin and can be used for bonding paper, cardboard, and wood. The bonding strength of paper was 421.8 N / m, and that of wood was 27.8 MPa.
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