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Yurtayeva, L. V., Alashkevich, Y. D., Marchenko, R. A., Vasilieva, D. Y., and Kaplyov, E. V. (2021). "Parameters affecting the mechanical refining process of plant raw materials using a jet-impingement method," BioResources 16(2), 4212-4220.


Different types of rotor-stator and jet-impingement refining equipment are used depending on the methods of production of fibre semi-finished products and on the initial state of raw materials. This article examines various refining modes for jet-impingement devices and their influence on the physical and mechanical properties of the processed material. Main design parameters that affect the refining process in this type of plant were determined. It was shown that the time required to refine a fibre mass using this plant depends on the jet flow rate (from the nozzle to the barrier), i.e. as the jet flow rate increases, the time required to refine the fibre mass decreases. A dimensionless machine parameter was obtained that characterises the effectiveness of the refining process and the design of jet-impingement refining plants. Using the dimensional method, a functional dependence was observed of breaking length, bursting strength, folding strength, and tearing strength on the machine complex parameter. The numerical value of the machine complex parameter was determined, depending on refining duration.

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