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Garay, R. M., MacDonald, F., Acevedo, M. L., Calderón, B., and Araya, J. E. (2009). "Particleboard made with crop residues mixed with wood from Pinus radiata," BioRes. 4(4), 1396-1408.


The incorporation of crop residues was studied in particleboard panels (agrifibers, AG) in mixture with wood from Pinus radiata D. Don. Four crop residue stubble types were used, wheat, corn, rice plants, and rice husk. Their densities were compared. A wide array of mixtures varying from 9:1 = wood:AG to 1:9 = AG:wood were used to make the boards, from which the fundamental physical and mechanical properties were determined, to select one with the best properties and use potential. All AG were suited for board panels, although wheat and corn stubble gave better results, and their low fibre content was easily incorporated in low proportions without major modifications of processes and products.
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