NC State
Wang, L., He, C., Li, X., and Yang, X. (2018). "Performance analysis of ternary composites with lignin, eucalyptus fiber, and polyvinyl chloride," BioRes. 13(3), 6510-6523.


To investigate the feasibility of replacing eucalyptus fiber with lignin, ternary composites (Lignin/Eucalyptus fiber/Polyvinyl chloride) were prepared by extrusion molding, and the effect of the lignin content on the wood-plastic composites was studied. The microstructure, functional groups, creep behavior, and thermal behavior of the ternary composites were analyzed. The results showed that the tensile strength, flexural strength, and impact strength decreased with an increasing lignin content, whereas, the water absorption, creep resistance, hardness, and heat resistance of the ternary composites improved.

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